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DJ Performances

We have lit up over 500 weddings + events in Denver, LA, Miami, and beyond, and are ready to pack your dance floor too! Contact us now to get the conversation started, or view our testimonials here.


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DJs for Weddings

We are the wedding DJs you have been searching for. Known for our professional planning and exciting musical performances, our DJs bring the wedding DJ category to a whole new level. Please note: We are not playlist jockeys, but actual DJs, musicians, vocalists, and producers. We love what we do, and would be honored to share our gifts with you.


A New Era of Entertainment

Bespoke Entertainment

Every artist that works with Ignight loves putting on a show. Ignight’s creative team can provide custom musical arrangements along with choreographed dances, tailor-made costumes and exciting lighting visuals. From DJ/band fusion with concert-style lighting to b-boy hip hop performers and LED ballerinas, Ignight Entertainment wishes to delight their guests with bespoke themes, audio, and visual.

I have been to numerous weddings over the years and I can tell you with 100 percent conviction that Ignight Entertainment did the best job I have ever experienced!
— Kent


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DJ Duo - DoubleCrush


Light up your dance floor with a dynamic DJ performance featuring live percussion, and vocals. Feel the love with a unique experience from DoubleCrush!

DoubleCrush DJ duo

Lighting & Sound

Ignight Entertainment provides the highest quality in audio, sound, and lighting to keep the dance floor packed all night long. We bring the right gear and skill-set to bring a stylish and contemporary look & feel – all while rocking the party non-stop. Ask us about our uplighting, dance floor lighting, and custom options!


Enjoy The Present Moment with

Phone-Free Events

Allow your guests to focus on the beauty of the present moment in a phone-free environment, and take it back to the old school.  Bring presence & engagement to your event by utilizing our distraction-free services. As your guests enter the phone-free area, their phones will be placed in a special case. Your guests will maintain possession of their phones, and you will share the power of presence with your guests with a phone-free event.